Chuppah / Wedding Canopy Rental
​Canopy and Chuppah Rentals are a beautiful way to add elegance to your wedding or event.  The canopy is adjustable to a width of up to 10 feet wide per side, and height of up to 8 feet tall. All drapes are white, and you can add a glow of color with a lighting add-on package or add some beautiful floral.
Basic white 6'x6' is $350. The amount of drape on the front is entirely up to you.  It can hang low or high to see all or some of Tallit hanging. 
OPTION 2: Basic White with draped front panel also comes in 10'x10' or 6'x6' and is $400. The floral is added by your florist whom I can work with so they know sizing and how it will be attached. The floral price will depend on how large you want those balls/flower type or if you want them placed on pedestals in front of the chuppah legs. 
Ties on the legs can be added for no charge in the shade to match your wedding colors (see first picture with purple ties)
2. Uplights are $30 each and if you choose this option we recommend just lighting the back legs if you choose a lighting option.
3. Twinkle Lights can be added for $30 to all legs and drapes (Electrical Outlet required)
4. Tallit – we can provide a basic white Tallit to hang from Chuppah if needed
5. Floral – We can work with your Florist or do these ourselves.

Contact us for more information and to rent a Chuppah or Canopy for your Wedding!